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Dear Future Dream Shed Owner,

When many people hear the word "Shed", the image of an old, rusted metal or crumbling wooden storage shed usually comes to mind. You know what I'm talking about, the rickety metal shed kits you get at the local hardware store that would shake in the slightest winds or the wooden storage shed your grandpa had in the back yard patched together with scraps of lumber, littered with old paint cans, rusty garden tools and shelves lined with coffee cans and baby food jars filled with assorted screws and nails.

Well there's still plenty of those sheds around, leaky roofs and all, scarring the backyards across the countryside

But we're changing Dream Shed at a time.

Here at SoCal Dream Sheds our mission is to change the way you think about sheds...And build you the shed of your dreams.

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Nate and I'm the owner and founder of SoCal Dream Sheds.

Okay, but can I build sheds?

Well, yes, I can!

I've been building sheds for 15 years here in SoCal.

I learned how to build sheds from my father, who's been building sheds for 40 years here in SoCal.

Between the two of us we've personally built over 1000 sheds in nearly every size, shape, color and style imaginable.

In fact, I hear great shed stories almost daily about how someone is using one of my shed.

It's amazing that after building over a thousand sheds over the years, I still keep hearing new uses for them. 

I'm sharing some of the uses I've heard from past Dream Shed owners over the years with you because to hear what someone else has done often suggests a new solution to a problem you're already trying to solve.

Below are practical uses others have found for their Dream Sheds.

I hope they can be helpful to you as you consider what you'll use your new Dream Shed for.

27 (and counting) Practical Uses for Your New SoCal Dream Shed!

1.     Storage and workshop combination

2.     Retreat house

3.     Sleepover Shed

4.     Souvenir display room

5.     Pool changing room

6.     Holiday decoration storage

7.     Personal Training Studio

8.     Garage Saver

9.     Classic Car and Parts Storage

10.   Storing Big Kids stuff

11.   Backyard Office

12.   Guest Bedroom

13.   Model Train Room

14.   Flea Market Shed

15.   Artist Studio

16.   Mobile Home Shed

17.   Bicycle Storage

18.   Stuff the kids might need someday shed

19.   Recreational equipment storage

20.   Tack Room

21.   Dads House

22.   Metal Shed Replacement

23.   General Storage

24.   Retreat House

25.   Marriage Saver

26.   Play House

27.   Fishing Tackle and Fly Tying workshop

Have something in mind for your new dream shed that's not listed above?

I'd love to hear what you're going to be using your dream shed for so I can add you to the list.

So why should you choose SoCal Dream Sheds for your new shed, awning or playhouse?

Because with a SoCal Dream shed, I can and will promise to treat you and your property with respect and build you a quality shed, awning or playhouse...on location, right in your yard.

But even with all my promises, I understand that purchasing a shed may STILL seem risky to you.

Don't worry, you're not alone.

The 3 Biggest Fears Homeowners Have About Sheds

1.    Uncertainty which model or size will fit your spot. You've looked at model sheds but it's difficult to decide which one will fit the best in YOUR yard.

2.    Fear of ruining the appearance of your home with the wrong shed. Sheds have a notorious reputation when it comes to appearance. You want your new shed to blend in attractively with your home and yard.

3.    Fear that a company will take your money and aggravate you with delays and/or poor workmanship. Chances are you've been burned by a contractor or some service company in the past. They made promises took your money and left you with a shoddy or unfinished job.

Additionally, as a way of saying Thank You, I'll gift you up to $250 for any referrals you make to your friends, family and neighbors who also say YES to this same offer.

10 x 16 storage shed with one window and a standard door
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2.5 x 18 storage shed with two sets of double doors.
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6 x 8 Gable Shed
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8 x 10 storage shed with off set door.
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10 x 12 storage shed with residential door and 8" eave.
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11 x 18 storage shed with off set door.
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A glance of the interior with shelving.
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6 x 10 awning shed
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8 x 8 lean too storage shed
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10 x 16 storage shed with off set door.
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9 x 10 awning shed
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10 x 10 x 10 Lean Too

10 x 12 x 9 Peak

5 x 8 Lean Too


6 x 14 with two dobble doors

7 x 12 x 12 with windows


10 x 12 with residential door, 3' deck, overhang, handrail and 3 windows

another view

2- 3 x 15 Lean Too's with extra doors


12 x 16 x 11 SHED RES. DOOR


7 x 10 Lean Too SHED, 2 WINDOWS


8 x 12 with 2' overhang and 2- 2 x 3 windows

Custom Awning Shed, Residential Door

2- 30" X 12' SHEDS, EXTRA DOOR


8 x 10 x 10 SHED, 1 WINDOW

8 x 14 SHED with 2- 3x3 windows and extra door

2- 10 x 12 x 11 SHEDS, DOUBLE DOORS

12 x 12 shed, residential door and 6" overhang

12 x 12 shed

SHEDS  & PLAYHOUSES come standard with Hardboard Siding / Aluminum Siding / Two Key Lock / Piano Hinge, 36 inch Wide Door ( length and width may vary ) /  Raised Plywood Floor Secured to Shed / 2x4 Framing / Painting to Match / Free Site Inspection / 5 year Warranty /  Installation At No Extra Cost.

THESE OPTIONS AVAILABLE Gable Roof / Vents / Extra Or Double Doors / Special Sizes & Heights / Windows W/ Screens / Awning Sheds (Not Aluminum).

All SoCal Dream Sheds come with a 100% Risk Free Guarantee!

Satisfaction Guaranteed with 5 Year Warranty. We Guarantee The Lowest and Best Prices In Town.  With Over 30 Years experience we continue to provide the highest level of Customer Service to Our Clients. Free installation with a 5 year warranty.

We're Expanding Our Service Area & Still Growing Throughout California
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Riverside County                                             7:00 am - 8:00 pm                  
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Contact Info: Nathan Leitch  
Office Number: 714.425.6078- 951.258.4943

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